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Sevastopol branch provides a full range of opportunities for higher education that meets international educational standards and continuing the best traditions of Russian higher school.

​​The Sevastopol branch was established in 2003 under Agreement between Government of Russian Federation and Cabinet Council of Ukraine "On the creation and functioning of branches of higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine and branches of higher educational institutions of Ukraine on the territory of the Russian Federation" d/d January 28th 2003 in accordance with Protocol d/d July 21th 2003 "On the establishment and functioning of the branch of Saratov Socio-Economic Institute (the Russian Federation) in Sevastopol (Ukraine)", signed by Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


Today there are 459 students study at Sevastopol branch of Plekhanov University of Economics.

Trainings for specialists' fields:

  • 38.05.01 "Economic security" (specialization "Economic and legal economic security")
  • Trainings for Bachelors:
  • 38.03.02 "Management" (scientific profile "Organizational management");
  • 38.03.02 "Management" (scientific profile "Management of hotel and tourist business");
  • 38.03.01 "Economics" (scientific profile "Finance and credit");
  • 38.03.01 "Economics" (scientific profile "Accounting, Auditing and Analysis").
  • Attendance: full-time and extramural.