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Bryansk branch is the only one in Bryansk region of the professionally oriented educational institution that trains specialists for food industry, commodity circulation and services under Specialists and Bachelors programs.

​​​​​The purpose of the branch was to ensure the principle of continuity of professional education and formation of system of multilevel preparation of specialists for the sphere of public catering, consumer market and commodity circulation. The establishment of the branch was supported by the Bryansk regional Duma, administration of the Bryansk region, the Office of consumer market and services, control in the sphere of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol alcoholic and alcohol-containing products in Bryansk region, the Department of education of the Bryansk region.

In order to make more effective use of Federal property and budget funds by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation №2211 from 17.08.2011 to rgteu as a structural unit was attached Bryansk trading-economic technical school.

At the moment, the Bryansk branch of PREU is a single educational complex "College-University" and in accordance with the license issued by the Federal service for supervision in education and science №106 dated 10.06.2014 it conducts training programs for the specialist and bachelor programmes.

The office successfully implements the principles of continuous quality education in the training of specialists for the economy of the Bryansk region with the status of the border region and the region affected by the Chernobyl accident. 
In the branch of study as of the 01.01. 2016. Under Bachelor program there are 1248 students, under specialists programs – 667 students.