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The head of the Association is Tamara Danko (Chief executive of the Association of alumnus of PRUE, Ph.D. of Economics, professor of Academic Department of Marketing) ​

Our Association is a dynamically developing organization that unites Plekhanov University students of different generations who graduated from our famous educational institution. For each of us the beloved University is youth, bright memories and best years of life, therefore we willingly help it. All together we have a great opportunity to effectively use the potential and possibilities of the alumnus for solving the Alma Mater's development issues.

One of the most important tasks of our Association is assistance to maintain friendly connections, warm relationships among people who studied together. For another thing, there is a variety of social, economic and technical problems of different difficulty levels of the University which we proudly engage to solve.

One more significant vector of the Association development is promoting a positive way of an educational institution to the society both inside and outside of the country.

We are glad to invite you to join us in the Association of alumni of PRUE which unite Plekhanovetses both at the base of interests and hobbies and professional communication.