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XXXI International Plekhanov readings
17 April
Campus news

On April 16, 2018, an annual meeting of postgraduates and young scientists took place within a conference "XXXI International Plekhanov readings".


Scientific supervisor of the University S. Valentey opened the conference and said that at the today's stage of public relations development new personnel of Russia, knowledge and skills, which will be used not only in science, but also in business, education and other spheres of the society form.


Candidate of economics, head of Management of research and development organization S. Manakhov greeted the audience and stressed that "International Plekhanov readings" is a good tradition of PRUE and gives an opportunity to get a priceless experience.


Candidate of economics, head of department of scientific events and intellectual property security O. Litvishko explained to the participants the time limits for speaking at the conference, thanked them for their active participation and wished them continued success in their work.


The conference included two subsection: "Economical issues" and "Socio-humanitarian challenges".


O. Litvishko moderated "Economical issues"; candidate of economics, senior specialist of department of scientific events and intellectual property security N. Barinova moderated the second subsection.


The jury consisted of the faculty of chairs of PRUE: R. Gubarev, O. Demenko, I. Denisov, O. Zhdanova, V. Lepeshkin, N. Moiseev, V. Ovchinnikov, N. Sidorov, L. Shukshina, V. Scherbakov.


At the sessions, the members of the jury were heard 31 report on issues:


- theoretical and practical aspects of modern management;

- Russian and global economic trends;

- improving the efficiency of companies in the financial sector;

- development of information technologies;

- social, legal, historical aspects of the development of Russian society.


A book of reports of 70 articles, including ones from the branches and other colleges, was published.

The sections' participants and the jury actively discussed the reports.


At the end of the sections, all the participants received books "XXXI Plekhanov readings" and certificates.


The laureates of "XXXI Plekhanov readings" are the following:

-  Yulia Bakulina;

- Mikhail Romanov;

- Eduard Lebedyuk;

- Olga Novikova;

- Lyubov Panfil.


The winners will receive diplomas and gifts at the closing ceremony of "XXXI Plekhanov readings".