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Debates of the “Economic cooperation of Vyshnegradskaya group states” experts take place at PRUE
28 October
Campus news

​On October 27 at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics the debates of the "Economic cooperation of Vyshnegradskaya group states" experts took place on the occasion of 25 anniversaries of the Group creation, and also of the Polish Chairmanship in V4. The event was carried out by Academic Department of International Business and Customs Affairs of PRUE together with the Embassy of Poland in Moscow.


Tatiana A. Voronova, vice-rector for HR Development, Ph.D. in Economics, professor at Academic Department of International Business and Customs Affairs, and Miroslav Cheschlik, Minister, DCM of Poland in the Russian Federation, welcomed the participants.


During the event there were discussed the following important and topical issues of the Vyshnegradskaya group: opportunities and perspectives of co-operation outside the European Union (speaker Ruslan Khasbulatov, PRUE); the joint interests and different ways of their implementation (Professor Katazhina Zhukrowska, Warsaw school of Economics, Poland); economic co-operation with Germany (Conrad Poplawski, Centre for Eastern studies, Poland); trade and investment cooperation (Alexey V. Drynochkin, Centre of Vyshnegradkiye studies, Institute of Europe, RAS); the experience of economic co-operation in the case of legal services, the company PETERKA & Partners (Marina Tarnovskaya, the company Peterka & Partners, Czech Republic); activities in the tourism sector and its success (Shandor Fabian, attaché on tourism of Embassy of Hungary in Moscow); co-operation in the field of digital economy (Marek Garbachik, Embassy of the Slovak Republic).


The debates were also attended by representatives of the Embassies of Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Spain and Germany, the Ministry of Economic development of the Russian Federation and the centre of Vyshnegradskiye studies Institute of Europe RAS.