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 “Anapa” recreational camp of Plekhanov University holds volunteer events
11 September
Student life

Volunteer Center of the World Cup FIFA 2018 in Russia™ for the second time visited "Anapa" recreational camp from September 2-8. The volunteer center gathered in Anapa the most energetic and active volunteers of the University, who throughout the academic year devoted themselves to helping at University, city, national and international events. The purpose of the visit was to summarize the results of the three-year work of volunteers on the volunteer program of the 2018 FIFA world Cup in Russiatm, as well as a motivational program for further participation of volunteers in the life Of the volunteer center of Plekhanov. 


"The volunteer visit to Anapa in September 2018 was one of the most memorable events of the Volunteer center for the team of organizers. Prescribing the program, inventing the night horror quest and crazy "Rural wedding" was the fact that even more united our circle. In addition, honestly, I cannot tell you the happiness when you see sincere emotions on the faces of the people and realize that you have coped by 150% that the hours spent on intense arguments thinking through events and other details were not in vain. During this visit, I realized that the guys who now make up the asset of the Volunteer center are the people with whom I want to work and develop side by side," – says one of the organizers of the departure of Anastasia Urazbakhtina.


During 4 days, a rich program was prepared for volunteers. Young people worked in teams and were able to take part in the quest, attend trainings of game improvisation and development of creativity, become winners in the water battle on the beach, etc. At the end of the trip, each team prepared a creative number, which was presented at the concert in honor of the closing of the shift.


"The second trip to Anapa has become one of the warmest events of this summer for me. Bad weather cannot beat the atmosphere here as you always feel support from your friends. I am grateful to the organizers for the good vibes, a huge thank you to all our team of volunteers for love and emotions" – tells Adelya Akhmetova, a volunteer.


Extramural volunteer events became a tradition for Volunteer Center of Plekhanov University. Such projects unite students and are a great teambuilding tool.