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Plekhanov University co-organizes the All Russian “Borodino - 2017” camp
14 August
Campus news

​From June 19 until August 11 the state museum-preserve «Borodino field" held the All Russian military historical camp and had over 1000 young people of 18 from 85 districts of the Russian Federation.


The projects was organized by Russian military historical society together with Autonomous non-profit organization "Institute of local communities development" under the support of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.


The main goals of the project were the following: the formation of active civil position among young people, creation of a sense of belonging to the great history of its people and the events taking place in Russia today.


The event program includes five areas: design, military-strategic, awareness raising, socio-educational and cultural-educational.


Each student had the opportunity to try their hand in the development and implementation of new socio-cultural projects on the territory of the Museum, imbued with the peculiarities of military field life and to participate in historical reconstructions.


The solemn closing of the camp was participated by: S. Kirichuk, first deputy chairman of the Committee of the Council of Federation for federal system, regional policy and local self-government, and V. Timchenko, deputy chairman of the Committee of the Council of Federation for economic policy, the heads of the Russian military historical society and Institute of management and social-economical designing of PRUE.


Councellor activities and volunteer support was provided by the students of faculty of business "Captains" and faculty of hotel, restaurant, tourism and sport industry of PRUE.


"Most of the campers have created leadership projects, following the results of the defense of which the best teams of high school students are invited to participate in the career-oriented programs of the Plekhanov University and implement their projects within the existing programs of the Russian military historical society and acceleration programs of Institute of management and socio-economic designing of PRUE", – said the Director of the Institute N. Surova.