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Representatives of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics presented at the visiting session of NSRIIP Scientific Council in Bulgaria
8 August
Campus news

In terms of implementation of the agreement on innovative international cooperation on the 2nd of August 2016 at the base of SOK "Kamchia" (Varna, Bulgaria) a visiting session of NSRIIP Scientific Council was opened (сhairman of the Supervisory Board and of Scientific Council of the only specialized scientific organization in Russia and in EAEC countries on intellectual property RAS academician Sergey Aldoshin) with the participation of representatives of academies of science, universities, companies and banks of the Republic of Bulgaria and Russia.


Russian Foreign Ministry representatives welcomed the participants of the meeting. Lyubov Glebova, head of Rossotrudnichestvo in her welcoming speech noted that "development of intellectual property management mechanism plays a special role in international humanitarian cooperation processes. Involvement of leading Russian and Bulgarian scientists in this field is an important aspect in the formation and development of cooperation between our states not only on intellectual property issues, but also in the realization of joint cultural, scientific and business projects". She expressed assurance that carried out work will contribute to the strengthening of international innovation cooperation.


Sergey Luk'yanchuk, general consul of Russian Federation in Varna, highlighted during the opening ceremony that in the sphere of innovations and intellectual property Russia and Bulgaria go somewhere in similar, somewhere different ways, and that regular carrying out of NSRIIP scientists meetings with foreign partners tells about dynamic development of this organization and its appetence in the future. According to him, it is significant, that the main partner of the Balkans institute became the "For sustainable development of Bulgaria" Fund made a great contribution in the business of cultural and humanitarian cooperation expansion.


Consideration of "Terms and perspectives of national intellectual property market development: Russian and Bulgarian experience" question became the central issue in the order of business, where with the main report presented Vladimir Lopatin, head of the basic department of intellectual property management NSRIIP  of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, doctor of juridical science, professor, NSRIIP research advisor, head of the national technical committee on standardization "Intellectual property" TC481.


The participants of the meeting agreed that, noting utmost relevance of the events on forming of national intellectual property markets as the term of innovative development of national economics of Russia and Bulgaria, taking into account the regularity of world trade development in terms of passage to the sixth technologic mode, for that as main conditions it is necessary:

  • State strategy of innovative development through intellectual property market oriented at getting the income from intellectual property (creation of added value, increase of authorized capital through non-material active assets and attraction of additional investments);
  • Centralized horizontally and vertically system of the state administration and unified corporate process management in the field of intellectual property in order to reduce administrative barriers of the development of that market
  • Unified rules - standards of formation, turnover (commercialization), and intellectual property protection
  • Trained professional staff - intermediaries in the field of law, economy and management of intellectual property (on the basis of 1 mediator for 10 researchers)


Presenters at the meeting, Stanka Shopova, head of the fund "For the sustainable development of Bulgaria" and chief executive of SOK "Kamchia", Olga Grishina, vice-rector for academic affairs of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, doctor of economics, professor, and Kosta Peev, representative of the Russian Information Cultural Centre Rossotrudnichestvo in Bulgaria, shared their experiences and future plans for the training of young people within the network and distance learning and international innovative cooperation of Bulgarian and Russian organizations.


As part of the visiting session of the two-day scientific-practical seminars "Technology and intellectual property management standards in the integrated structures corporation-holding-company-University (Institute)" and "Intellectual property as an additional resource investment" (crediting under the pledge of intellectual property, insurance and reinsurance of risks of intellectual property and selling on stock markets) were held. During these "brainstorming sessions" objective assessment of the current state of affairs in Russia and Bulgaria have been given, in this field, the ideal models were designed and technology-algorithms of their construction in both countries were determined.