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Plekhanov University celebrates Victory Day 2019
10 May
Campus news

The traditional Victory Day took place in Plekhanov University on May 8, 2019. Students, both Russian and international, participated in this eventful and solemn celebration. The main campus square gathered the staff, the faculty, guests and students for a concert, where everyone had an opportunity to try the military field dishes.


Rector recalled what distribution the university made during the Great Patriotic War, “Circa 350 members of Moscow Institute of national economy – former Plekhanov University – longed for the war, 57 of which never returned. We remember and ever respect our heroes. This is our mission, to always stay committed to our motherland”.

A veteran and lecture at Plekhanov University A. Samsin told his own story and added that people must be optimistic and never give up.


International students had their special program that day, which included the Russian language Club meeting. The faculty of academic departments of the Russian language and History and Philosophy prepared a military concert, so the internationals could perform the songs of that times. 200 foreign students of the preparatory program, bachelors, international exchange’ students and post-graduates took part in the event.