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The II-nd International week
5 December
Campus news

The IInd International week was held from November 19th to 24th, 2018 under the initiative of the Faculty of Finance at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. The workshops and lectures were conducted by the university lectures and professors from Russia, Britain, France, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan.


The International Conference «Modern Trends in the World of Economics and Finance» inaugurated by Olga Shemetkova, the Dean of the Faculty of Finance took place within the framework of the Week on November 21st  2018.


The working languages of the Conference were Russian and English.


During the Plenary Session moderated by Julia Finogenova, Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Finance and Prices Department, the following speakers were given a floor: Stuart Lawson, Senior Advisor of Ernst&Young Russia spoke about the problems of financial anomalies in the modern world.

Edouard Turkish, Economist and Policy Analyst from the European Commission with the headquarters in Belgium, gave a presentation on competitiveness in the modern world.


Alberto Burchi, Associate Professor of the University of Perugia, Italy, and Federica Sist, Associate Professor of the University of LUMSA, Italy, raised an actual question about the impact of the stocks and bonds volatility market of bank loans availability.


Szabolcs Pasztor, Associate Professor of the National University of Public Service in Budapest, Hungary, spoke about the perspectives for commercial banks in the world market.


After the plenary session the discussion was split into two sections. The first section under the title of «Competitiveness and Sustainability of Companies» was moderated by Victoria Pyatanova, Ph.D., Head of Financial Management Department. The second section under the title of «Modern Trends in Higher Education» was moderated by Inga Koryagina, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Finance, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Management Theory and Business Technologies Department.


The following speakers were given the floor: Esa Aula, a Senior Lecturer of Laura University of Applied Sciences, Finland, gave a speech on «Entrepreneurship mindset». Sergey Kamornikov, Professor, and Olga Bashlakova, the Head of the Department of Finance and Сredit from Gomel State University named after Francis Skorin, Belarus, revealed the financial aspects of the digital economy development of the Republic of Belarus in their report.


Daria Lewandowska, the owner of Selfmakers company, Poland, highlighted a few modern trends in higher education in Poland.


Eva Hua, a Vice President of Awara Group, Austria, presented a plan of cooperation between the Awara group and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, stipulating strategies on supporting young talents, students employment, developing soft skills, knowledge of corporate culture and intercultural communication.


Tim Van Tilt, a Lecturer of UC Leuven-Limburg, Belgium, presented the online project preparing students for international cooperation developed by the University of Leuven-Limburg and united 20 countries.


Christopher Korten, Associate Professor of Department of History of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, raised the question about the perspectives of higher education in the instable environment.


Robert Leslie, Professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University, talked about training students for international companies.


Artem Kudryavtsev, business consultant and the owner of the business consulting agency considered the issue of higher education development in the digital age.


Cholpon Askarovna Nuralieva, Deputy head of the Department "Accounting, Analysis and Audit" of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, Kyrgyzstan, and Tamara Yuldashevna Dzholdosheva, Professor of the International Academy of Management, Law, Finance and Business, Kyrgyzstan, gave a talk on the development of methods for bank risks' rating on the basis of international banking standards.


Irina Ekareva, the Head of Foreign Languages Department N1, talked about the necessity of adjusting of high school methods of teaching to the changing world.


Natalia Kazakova, Professor of Financial Management Department, revealed the mechanism of competitiveness and sustainability management of international business.


Mikhail Khachaturian, Associate Professor of the Department of Organizational and Managerial Innovations, raised the problem of maintaining the sustainability of the organization in the modern conditions.


All the guests of the International Week expressed their deep gratitude to the administration of the University for the high level of organization of the II International week and noted the high level of students level of education.