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Students of Plekhanov University take prize places at Changellenge Cup Technical 2018
9 April
Campus news

​On April 2, 2018, the final stage of the All-Russian case-championship Changellenge Cup Technical 2018 took place. This is the biggest case-championship on solving tasks in real practice of engineering, oil and gas, mining-and-metallurgical and IT spheres. The championship welcomed students of various major courses, including Bachelors, Masters, post-graduates and recent graduates. Participants worked in teams of four.


The following sections of the Championship took place:

Engineering section: a complex technological case, the competent solution of which was to bring the company's activities to a new level;

Oil and gas section: the actual case from the oil and gas industry, when solving it was necessary to take into account all the details and previous experience of the companies;

IT-section: a unique IT-case of future technologies that needed to be created now;

Metallurgical section: the case of the metallurgical company, the solution of which required not only technical knowledge, but also understanding of the industry as a whole.


Organizers: Nornikel, Nipigas, Danone, Severstal, "Reno" group of companies, Tele 2 and others.


This year over 1800 students from MIPT, MSU, SPSU, HSE, Bauman University and other largest colleges of our country took part in the Championship. PRUE's students became prizewinners in the Engineering section Special Opinion. The team consisted of students of the third year of faculty of distance learning Artem Smolyakov and Alexey Balles, they took second place.  


We congratulate the winners and wish them further victories!