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Plekhanov University coorganizes International student olympiad on statistics
23 May
Campus news

For popularizing statistics, improving statistical literacy and general statistical culture, identifying and supporting talented youth Plekhanov Russian University of Economics together with Federal state statistics service held an International student competition on statistics in the 2016-2017 academic year.


As a result of the competitions students demonstrated knowledge of the specialty in the area of statistical analysis of socio-economic processes and phenomena. The task of the competition was designed for the disclosure of theoretical knowledge, practical skills of analysis of socio-economic phenomena and processes using contemporary information technologies.


The competition was attended by 89 teams from 67 regions of Russia and 3 teams of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, each team consisted of three people. Each student prepared a research report, the selection online test was held, the results of which determined the finalists round. Research reports were assessed by experts of Federal service of state statistics, the leading teachers of economic universities, which later entered the collection of the reports on the last Olympiad.


According to the elimination round 14 teams entered the final stage: Azerbaijanstate university of economics, Vereschagin state dairy industry academy of Vologda, Vyatka state university, Gumilev Eurasian national university, Ogarev state university of Mordovia, Novosibirsk state university of economics and management "NINKH", Turgenev state university of Orel, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Samara state university of Economics, Saint Petersburg state university of Economics, Siberian federal university, Derzhavin state university of Tambov, University NARKHOZ (Kazakhstan), Yaroslavl branch of PRUE.  


The final stage included the solemn opening of the Olympiad. After welcoming words of representatives of PRUE's authority and of Federal service of state statistics the presented teams told about their university and country. The final stage held the following events: individual tasks solving; team challenges; presentation of the team task.


The results were presented in the form of presentation to the jury from the representatives of Rosstat and the leading universities of Moscow, which was headed by Ph.D. of Economics, Professor of Chair of Statistics at PRUE M. Karmanov. During the execution of the Olympiad individual assignments, students were able to demonstrate a high level of training, making the honor of the team leaders.


The wrap-up and solemn awarding ceremony were held on May 19 2017 at Federal service of state statistics.


The winners: 1 team place – Novosibirsk state University of economics and management "NINKH" and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics; 2 team place – Vyatka state University; 3 place – Samara state University of Economics.


The winners in individual categories: 1st place – Maria Tolstyakova, 2nd place – Dmitry Samus, 3rd place – Sophia Filatova.