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Plekhanov Russian University of Economics holds the Reporting election conference of the Student Board
13 December
Campus news

​December 12 2016 Plekhanov Russian University of Economics holds the Reporting election conference of the Student  Board.


The presidium of the conference included: Asali M. Asaliev, the Vice-rector for work with branches, additional education and socio-educational work; Petr A. Karasev, Vice-rector for educational and methodical work; Ilya M. Pravkin, Vice-rector for Infrastructure Development; Vladimir A. Zhidkikh, Dean of Faculty of Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism and Sport Industry and senior Dean; Denis S. Osipov, Chairman of the Student Board.


In the beginning of the conference the credentials Committee was elected, which was collecting votes. Its composition included the chairmen of the faculties, and there was also the audit Commission elected, chaired by the Director of Educational Work Office

R.R. Valiullina.


D. Osipov, the current Chairman of the Student Board, presented the progress report for the period 2015-16. His report highlighted the brightest and most important moments that have occurred during the year. By open voting (raising the seats) the report was found to be satisfactory. After the report the floor was given to the presidium. Then there were presented the programs of the candidates: N.A. Bushanov, E. E. Jafarov and A. R. Tikhonov. After the program presentation, each of the candidates received questions from the presidium and the hall.


During the counting of votes, the Presidium was able to answer students' questions. They raised a number of issues of concern to our students. It was then decided that the decision on awarding D. S. Osipov Honorary graduate of the Student Board.

The vote was as follows: 496 of the 503 present delegates voted, 1 ballot was spoiled, 3 abstentions, 99 delegates voted for N. A. Bosanov, 146 for E. E. Jafarov and 247 for A. R. Tikhonov.


Congratulations to Andrey Tikhonov, the student of the faculty of Economics and Law, and wish him success on the post of the President of the Student Board of the University!