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At Plekhanov Russian University of Economics an International science and practice conference named after Kitov took place
31 May
Campus news

From 26th to 27th of May at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics a VI International scientific and practical conference named after Anatoliy Kitov entitled "Information technologies and mathematical methods in economy and management" (IT&MM-2016) was held.


The main topics of the conference became: "Strategic directions of informational technologies on the way to developed information society" and "Perspectives and problems of import substitution in the sphere of IT and software".


In work of conference participated representatives of the largest universities in the country, Russian and foreign scientists, as well as a number of famous representatives of politics and business. Vladimir Kitov, Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee, stepped out as the moderator of the event of plenary session. The first of the speakers at the plenary session was the founder and head of the company "1C" Boris Nuraliev with the report "Roadmap "Internet + Education": goals and directions of work". Then Oleg Byakhov, IBM director of business development in Russia and CIS, presented with an interesting report on "Cognitive Technologies- transformational basis of the new technological order". Kozlov Andrey, general director of the company "Electronic Office Systems Soft", read his joint report with founder and head of the company "EOS" V. Balasanyan "Import substitution in corporate workflows: business needs and opportunities of domestic ECM-solutions". Keen interest and number of questions both present in the room, as well as representatives of the branches of PRUE was aroused by Yu. Khokhlova, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of the Information Society, on the topic "Prospects for the development of e-government in the Russian Federation". V. Shilov, known in Russia and abroad, science historian in the field of national and world science, professor at the Higher School of Economics, acquainted all presented with earliest known not historical documents from the archives of the Russian Ministry of Defense- nine characteristics and attestations with A. Kitov of the time of his participation in the Great Patriotic War and the subsequent training in Military Engineering Academy named after Dzerzhinsky. 


With the undoubted interest of the participants of the plenary session listened to reports of representatives of the largest Russian IT integrative: R. Okrut, director for development group of business companies LANIT, and Ignatieva A., leading system integrator of IBS InterLab. Vladimir Lopatin, director of NSRIIP, presented with a report "Economics of informatization and risks management of intellectual property in the IT sphere".


Among the speeches of foreign guests conference IT&MM 2016 it is worth noting two video performances: professors of Benjamin Peters (Benjamin Peters, United States - the doctor in the field of Communications at Columbia University, a professor at Yale University and the University of Tulsa) and Yannick Hurrel (Yannick Harrel, Strasbourg, France, EU expert in the field of cyber strategies and Internet technologies). B. Peters demonstrated those who were present his book "How Not to Network a Nation". "The Uneasy History of the Soviet Internet", published by MIT-Press a month ago. Well-known European political scientist and publicist Y. Harrel at the end of his speech, the conference he demonstrated his first book in French about "La Cyber Strategie en Russe"(2013), which he dedicated to the memory of Russian scientist Anatoly Kitov. Professor at the University Turku Leipala Timo (Timo Leipälä, Finland), specially arrived to Moscow to attend the IT&MM 2016. At the conference presented professor from the University of Tsukuba Shinichi Tajima (Sinichi Tajima, Japan, Professor of University of Tsukuba, Mathematics Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences).


After the plenary meeting the work was continued on six theme sections:


Section 1. "Mathematical methods of the economic information analysis and management of social and economic processes". Chairman of the section was Tikhomirov Nikolay, Doctor of economical sciences, professor, Head of the department of mathematical methods in economics at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.


Section 2. "Intellectual and analytical methods, models and technologies in economic and social systems management. Information systems in economy and management". Chairman of the section was Kitova Olga, Doctor of economical sciences, professor, Head of the department of informatics at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.


Section 3. "Information-communication technologies in economics and education. Computer management systems for activities of higher education institution". Chairman of the section was Romanova Julia, Ph.D. of economics, professor, Head of the department of information technology at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. At the section presented representatives of such famous companies as "Consultant +" and LLC "Aktion Glavbukh Group".


Section 4. "History of information technologies creation and their use in tasks of management and economy". Chairman of the section was Kitov Vladimir, Ph.D. of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Information Technologies in Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Section was organized with the participation of the Council of Virtual Computer Museum, which is one of the three largest museums in the world of virtual computers.


Section 5. "Engineering of the enterprises on the basis of the modern ICT". This section was held under the leadership of Telnov Yuriy, Doctor of Economical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department department of applied information technology and information security at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.


Section 6. "Student's scientific initiatives" was organized in terms of the conference IT&MM-2016 under the leadership of Omarov Ruslan, assistant of the department of informatics at PRUE. The work of the section was opened by representatives of IBM and Micros.


During the second day of the conference IT&MM-2016 the work of sections was continued. As the result the document was accepted "Agreement of the conference IT&MM-2016".


Texts of the reports made at the conference IT&MM-2016 is planned to publish in three collectors of work.​