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Team of Plekhanov University wins All Russian contest “Open data of the Russian Federation”
28 April
Campus news

On April 27, 2018, the hall of fame of the Government house of the Russian Federation held an awarding ceremony of III All Russian contest "Open data of the Russian Federation".


The contest was organized by the Open government of the Russian Federation in partnership with Ministry of economic development of Russia.


The goals of the contest were the following:


* Readiness of state and municipal authorities to respond to the challenges of the information economy;

* Readiness of information resources for use in the digital economy;

* Ecosystem readiness of state and municipal open data.


The winners were selected in 6 categories:

  • "The best app that uses open data»;
  • "Better research using open data»;
  • "The best beginner project using open data»;
  • "The best solution for open data infrastructure development»;
  • "The best project promoting open data»;
  • "The best solution to the creative task of the state body."


The team from Plekhanov University won in 2 nominations.


The project "Monitoring of socio-economic development of the Russian Federation" won the nomination "the Best application using open data". The project is based on data from the Federal state statistics service.


The developed project includes automated data collection (in this case from the site of Rosstat and EMIS); visualization for rapid analysis of the situation in the region with the help of interactive tables; the whole spectrum of graphical representation; cartograms. At the same time, the user can be directly "Creator" of the visual representation by means of built-in filtering capabilities (selection of a specific FO, a specific period, etc. of the available data), the possibility of rearranging rows and columns of the table by simply dragging and dropping.

The project "Monitoring the professional qualification sphere" won the nomination "Best project promoting open data". The team members received gratitude and memorable gifts from the head of Rostrud for participation in the competition and the use of open data in the performance of the Agency's creative task.


"Monitoring the professional qualification sphere" is an information system of monitoring and analysis of employment needs of regions and identify the communication needs of the market with particular professions and educational standards based on public data on the current vacancies and some recruitment agencies.


The team of Plekhanov University included Pavel A. Smelov, director of RF Regions Situation Centre for Socio-Economic Development; Raziyat A. Amirkhanova, junior scientific worker of Scientific Lab "Quantitative methods of regional development"; Sergey d. Belov, senior scientific worker of Scientific Lab "Cloud technologies and Big Data analytics"; Anastasia V. Vasilyeva, leading scientific worker of Scientific Lab "Quantitative methods of regional development"; Victoria A. Izvarina, specialist of Situation Center; Pavel E. Prokhorov, junior scientific worker of Scientific Lab "Quantitative methods of regional development"; Nikita D. Epshtein, leading scientific worker of Scientific Lab "Quantitative methods of regional development".