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The signing of a cooperation agreement between the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics took place
12 May
Campus news

On the 12th of May Plekhanov Russian University of Economics signed the agreement on cooperation with Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent). Viktor Grishin, rector of PRUE, signed the document from the side of the University and Grigoriy Ivlev, director of Rospatent, signed the agreement.


The subject of the Agreement is to organize cooperation between the parties on the issues: Education and Science (Implementation of programs in the field of intellectual property, organization of educational, industrial and predegree practice students, internships of students and postgraduates scientific, economic and legal professions as well as professional development of teachers, research workers, engineers and other professionals by organizing and conducting workshops, informational and advisory support); development of infrastructure protection and commercialization rights to results of intellectual activity, support technology and innovation to meet the needs of the University and other scientific, educational and commercial organizations in the patent and other related information, in the protection and commercialization of technologies; electronic registration of intellectual property; foreign patenting; normative regulation and methodological support, including the development of guidelines for the transfer of technologies for the budget scientific and educational institutions, participation in the process of improving the regulatory framework in the field of intellectual property; promotion of intellectual property issues.


In order to implement set goals by Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and Rospatent provide the participation of representatives of both sides in organized by them public events; provide mutual advice, information, organizational assistance; receive and direct students for educational, industrial and pre-diploma practice, students and postgraduates of scientific, economic and legal specialties for internships.


"We are preparing specialists in the field of intellectual property, we have innovation departments, a lot of developments, so we know about the difficulties in this area, because the requirements are changing rapidly in it. We need to learn to protect and consolidate our patents, and we would like to Rospatent's experts came to us and explained in what direction to go. Let us hope that the agreement will give us the opportunity for closer cooperation."- noted rector of PRUE, Viktor Grishin.


"For us, signing of the agreement is an important event in the organization of a large work on training and building systems of activities in the intellectual sphere. Already now we are ready to taken in our lead institution 100 people, those people who in 2-3 years will be specialists, defining the global inventive level. The fact that your university has the education and intellectual property, and marketing is also very important for us. I am confident that our agreement will make the job more purposeful." - said the head of Rospatent, Gregory Ivliev.


After the signing of agreement guests of the University got to know the history and infrastructureof PRUE.