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Plekhanov University and Israel higher school of IT and security HackerU launch a joint training course on blockchain development
10 August
Campus news

​Plekhanov University and Israel higher school of IT and security HackerU have developed a joint further education programme "Specialist in blockchain development"; the training course starts in late September and will last 4 and a half months at the platform of Plekhanov University.


The course program is designed in such a way that 50% of the time students will learn, solving real practical problems and implementing projects of partner companies HackerU. HackerU practice teachers will teach students how to develop on the popular Ethereum platform, as well as self-use and development of smart contracts. During the training, special attention will be paid to the intricacies of the blockchain networks and logic in the programming of contracts. All practical cases and the final project will be included in the personal portfolio of students.


"The joint project with HackerU is the first in a row of our programmes. It is difficult to overestimate the significance of Blockchain in today's world it is one of the most relevant directions for our students' education" – outlined director of Institute of management and social-economical designing of Plekhanov University Nadezhda Surova.


At the end of the course, students will defend the final project, demonstrating practical and theoretical knowledge, and will receive two documents that give advantages in employment: a diploma of professional retraining from Plekhanov and the international certificate of HackerU.