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Anatoliy Shishkin, director of Educational Scientific Center “Trade” of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, took part in founding conference “National association of scientific editions”
25 April
Campus news

International scientific and practice magazine "International trade and trade policy" entered in National association of scientific editions (NASE), combining scientific editions and publication houses of Russia the goal of which is the protection, coordination and development of printed and electronic periodic editions, presentation of interests of Russian scientific publishing society in government power bodies, academic and universities society, combining business and not commercial organizations, and also international and foreign structures.


On the 21st of April a founding conference NASE was held at MGIMO of MIA of Russia at which Anatoliy Shishkin, head of edition "International trade and trade policy", deputy head of Editorial Board, director of Educational Scientific Center "Trade" of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Doctor of Economics, professor, took part.


In the work of the conference participated more than 600 main editors and representatives of printing and scientific editions. The conference was opened by Anatoliy Torkunov, rector of MGIMO, Doctor of Political Sciences, professor, who was unanimously elected as a president of NASE. The host of the conference was Vladislav Grib, main editor of Publishing group " Yurist", Doctor of Economics, professor, by recommendation of Vladimir Lopatin, head of Basic Department of Intellectual Property Management NSRIIP of PRUE, Doctor of Juridical Sciences, professor, was elected the head of the management.


Editorial, revision and other commissions that were envisaged by the Charter of NASE were created. The project of the Charter was proposed to modify considering received proposals.


Representatives of the magazine "International trade and trade policy" proclaimed the active participation in work of NASE and its profile commissions.