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Students of Sevastopol branch of Plekhanov University volunteer at International military and historical festival “Russian Troy”
31 October
Campus news

​On October 28-29 2017 students of Sevastopol branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics took part as volunteers in International military and historical festival "Russian Troy", dedicated to the Crimean War events of 1853-56 and took place on the territory of a memorial complex of Sevastopol fortification monuments in 1854-55 "Historical boulevard". The State museum of heroic fortification and liberation of Sevastopol and the Russian military and historical society organized the event; they re-established the events of the besieged city.


The name of the festival "Russian Troy" follows the definition given by the French writer Victor Hugo who compared the heroic defense of Sevastopol during the Crimean war with the siege of Troy. The siege of Sevastopol and siege of Troy had been compared by the English newspaper "Times" after its correspondent became the witness of the heroic defense of the city.


The volunteers assisted with the work of interactive sites, exhibitions of the festival, the reenactment of the battle for Sevastopol 160 years ago, which recreated about 200 reenactors from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, another 200 cadets of the black sea higher naval school named after Nakhimov in the form of troops of Russia, England and France, and thus helped the audience immerse themselves in the era of the Crimean war, imbued with the spirit and heroism of the first defenders of Sevastopol.