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PRUE shows joint programs and projects with BitBaza at Blockchain Technology – 2018
12 February
Campus news

​On February 8-9, 2018, a conference "Blockchain Technology – 2018: Platforms, designs and experience of real projects" took place in Moscow.


The event opened with CEO of "Open systems" Dmitry Volkov's speech, who underlined that "Blockchain promised to become one of the key infrastructural elements of digital economy, not only technologically but as a new paradigm to change economy and society at all. Today in Russia there are many responsible state centers, invested with attributes of confidence and empowered by: Rosreestr, MVD, banks, however, the level of trust of citizens to this sort of centers leaves much to be desired. Blockchain allows people to create a trusting environment of interaction between the state, business and citizens, not affected by the human factor".


The plenary part of the conference contained speeches by Vladimir Demin "Vnesgeconombank", Andrey Duyunov "Simployer", Kirill Ivkushkin "Sberbank", Nadezhda Surova Institute of management and social-economical designing, Jennifer Trelevich "S7 TechLab".


The conference discussed the modern ecosystem of blockchain, the level of its components' development and the current problems, platforms and tools, and the systems of training blockchain programming specialists. Nadezhda Surova, director of Institute of management and social-economical designing of PRUE, told about the unique joint with the mining corporation BitBaza program for blockchain programming, and Daniil Zakomolkin, CEO of BitBaza, who revealed White Paper ICO of the blockchain project of AR/VR.


Participants of the conference had the opportunity to take part in three sections, where experts of the University spoke on such topics as "Corporative platforms of blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric, Exonum, Ethereum, "Masterchain", "Blockchain in practice: insurance, letters of credit, bills of exchange, smart contracts, notaries, the registry of real estate", "Actual problems of the blockchain, Security of the blockchain".


In the framework of the sessions of the conference Daniil Zakomolkin, CEO of BitBazam, and Ilya Mikheev, a leading specialist company showed how blockchain technology can provide strategic leadership of Russia in the digital economy, to stimulate the development of the energy sector and attracting investment in infrastructure projects in the country, promote the modernization and deployment of new data centers. Special attention was paid to the opportunities and prospects of the blockchain in the energy sector – the performance analysis of the Russian experience, assess the potential of development of Russian market of electric and thermal energy in the context of digital transformation, we understand the prospects for the creation of power exchanges and the Institute of energy trade.