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The results of National rating of universities 2016 (Interfax) and Rating of best universities in Russia 2016 (ExpertRA) were published
2 June
Campus news

On the 1st of June 2016 the results of seventh annual National rating of universities that was prepared on the results of 2015/2016 academic year by International informational group "Interfax" was published. This year the decision was made by developers of the rating the decision was made to publish the results of private ratings that were composed on the main parameters of 238 universities activity will be published step by step.


In the category "Brand" Plekhanov Russian University of Economics got in the top-30 universities of the country thus the most significant is the result of the university in subcategory "Selection elites" in which success (career, projects, researches) of the graduates and members of staff in public administration, business and academic environment. On this parameter PRUE occupied the 5th place in the country after MSU, St. Petersburg State University, MIPT and MAI. In the category "Education" Plekhanov Russian University of Economics got in the top 50 universities of the country, thus it was noted that PRUE carries out training on a number of specialties that are listed in "Atlas of new professions" that was compiled by the Agency of strategic initiatives as the most perspective in the last nearest 15 years. In particular, we are talking about the new professions in the financial sector, in corporate management, hospitality and tourism, in the IT-technology and in the field of intellectual property. One more direction of the of activity at witch this year PRUE showed substantial progress is the work with schools and pupils.


Results of the National rating of universities and perspectives of development of methodology evaluation were discussed at Round table that was held at "Interfax" with participation of representatives of leading universities of Russia, Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, information and rating agencies, heads of scientometric projects. From PRUE in the work of Round table participated Dmitry Shtykhno, vice-rector for development of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.


On the 2nd of June 2016 at International Forum of leading universities of Russia by the rating agency RAEX (Expert RA) the results of fifth annual "Rating of best universities of Russia-2016". Plekhanov Russian University of Economics saved to itself the place in top 25 of this rating all in all the rating consisted of 238 universities.


Despite the fact that indicators of the category "Terms of attaining quality education" lowered a little bit as a result of structural changes in the Russian system of higher education in categories "The demand of the employers" and "Research activities" the indicator of PRUE continue to improve.


One of the indicators of high demand among enrollees is index "Average cost of tuition for bachelors program at full-time department". PRUE is among ten universities with the highest tuition fees in Russia.


​On demand of graduates PRUE got 16 position. Basis for ranking in this category are the results of higher education institutions in the evaluation of performance in groups "cooperation with employers" and "quality of the career of graduates". In the category "Research activities" universities are evaluated by groups of indicators "scientific achievements", "innovation activity", "innovation infrastructure".


Perspective direction of development of the university is the internationalization of scientific and educational activities. Exactly this direction has contributed greatly to increasing the quality of education and research services, contributes to the growth of competitiveness of the university and its attractiveness as an employer for leading teachers, as a supplier of qualified personnel for companies and organizations, and as a promising and reliable university for enrollees.