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Rector of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics elected Vice-President of Free economic society of Russia
3 April
Campus news

​On April 2, 2018, Congress of Free economic society of Russia took place at St Petersburg. Within the event IV Saint Petersburg international economic congress: "Foresight "Russia": New industrial society. The future" was carried out.  PhD of economics, professor, head of Center of the modern Marxist researches of MSU Lomonosov, head of Moscow department of Vitte Institute of a new industrial development Alexandr Buzgalin moderated the science part of the meeting.


The Congress welcomed circa 700 experts in the field of economics. This year specialists from France, Austria, Italy, Greece, China, Great Britain and Estonia came to the meeting.


Saint Petersburg international economic congress was held for the fourth time so far and, traditionally was devoted to the future of Russian economy. President of FES of Russia Sergey Bodrunov reported about the goals and tasks of the Congress, pointed out the need of reindustrialization of industry at a new high-technological basis and the evolution of economical bases. "A few years ago it seemed reindustrialization; a new industrial society seemed a real utopia. Today everybody, from scientists and politicians to students, speaks of reindustrialization" – underlined Sergey Bodrunov.


In addition, President of FES presented a concept "noonomics", which is believed to become the basis of society. "The growing role of knowledge – not that intellectual production displaces material production-becomes much more knowledge-intensive. As a result, there comes a moment when in many products the intellectual part starts to significantly exceed the material part. Now, the society is at a crossroads – either to move towards "noonomics" or choose a negative script, which is fraught with problems up to global catastrophe" – said Sergey Bodrunov.


The Congress solemnly opened the Memorium of Free economical society of Russia, devoted to 200th anniversary of Carl Marx' birthday, within which a row of large international events are to take place in May under the auspices of FES of Russia.


The Society Constitution's new edition was approved in the organizational part of the Congress; Sergey Bodrunov was re-elected President of Free economical society of Russia for the next 5 years.


In conclusion, the Congress held the Board of FES of Russia, elected the Presidium of FES consisted of 53 members, including rector of PRUE V. Grishin, who was elected Vice-president of FES of Russia.