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Plekhanov Russian University of Economics is in the top-four universities of Russia with graduates greatest salaries
2 June
Campus news

​The Superjob website presented a list of Russian universities ranking for 2017 on the salaries level of young specialists who graduated 1-5 years ago and now working in the sphere of finance and economy. The ranking has been made by the publishing centre Superjob at the base of the comparison of average incomes of graduates of Russian universities


2016 rigidly adjusted the ambitions of young professionals as most of them have lowered their salary expectations. However, salary of graduates of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in Moscow over the past year of 2016 has increased by 1000 rubles per month and amounted to 85 000 rubles that has allowed the University to take 3rd place. The positive momentum for 2016 of the capital's universities showed only three universities, including PRUE. Other universities either remained at the level of last year, or experienced the reduction of salaries of graduates.


The total number of graduates Plekhanov University, according to Superjob, shows that 52% of graduates remained to work in Moscow. Graduates of PRUE work in 82 regions of the Russian Federation, about 4% of graduates work abroad.


The PRUE graduates' job placement is realized by Career development Centre (director O. Kosareva), which maintains contacts with more than 950 Russian and foreign companies.


The ranking results are here.