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Plekhanov University of economics hits Russian higher education ranking in scientific productivity in six subject fields
15 May
Campus news

"Expert" analytical center released the fourth research wave of academic productivity in Russian universities. This year the ranking methodology of publishing activity has not undergone any conceptual changes, however, economics and management were separated as well as Earth and ecology sciences. In 2019, 125 higher education institutions from 44 cities (105 universities from 37 cities last year) reached the attainment level at least for one subject.


Plekhanov University of economics has been a part of the ranking since 2016 in three subject fields: economics, social sciences and liberal arts. In 2017, Plekhanov entered the top-ten strongest universities of Russia in economics, in 2018 – top-ten in in research and liberal arts, and in 2019 – top-ten in social sciences.


In 2019, Plekhanov University improved its indicators in these three fields:


  • Economics – 5th place;
  • Liberal arts – 5-7th places;
  • Social sciences – 6-7th places.

Apart from that, the university also entered three new subject spheres:

  • Earth and ecology science – 23rd place;
  • Energetics – 20-21st place;
  • IT – 19th place.


The indicators shown in the ranking are divided into three equivalent blocks: "Relevance of academic activity", "Scale and sustainability of work", "Quality of growth". The first block assesses the average citation, weighted citation in a particular subject area, the quality of journals. The second is how stable the current results are, they are obtained at the expense of one or two strong researchers or a large group. The third block takes into account the peculiarities of the growth of University systems, fixing and neutralizing not quite clean practices, it includes two indicators: "Quality of citations" and "the Concentration of articles".


In those subject areas where Plekhanov University is among the top-ten leaders, «Economics", "Humanities" and "Social (social) Sciences", the strongest side of the University is "Demand for scientific activity". In the new subject area "Computer science», the University has reached the highest value on the criterion of "Quality of growth".


For ranking is available on this website.