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A new rating agency for crypto currency and blockchain technologies market to be created on PRUE base
7 September
Campus news

​Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, the Board of trustees in particular, creates a rating agency for holding independent analytical researches and blockchain start-ups and ICO estimation, and for crypto currency markets and blockchain technologies development analysis.


A speedily growing blockchain branch is limited with no standardization and developed rates of the new opportunities of blockchain technologies use. For today, there are no professional infrastructures of systematic assessment and blockchain projects data analysis: the technical peculiarities of the platform, business models, teams and many other factors, although it is the analysis that allows to objectively assess the risks and economic value of the investments object.


"Blockchain will no doubt lead us to the digital transformation of infrastructure in many traditional business spheres. It makes brand new business models, which could not survive at the market several years ago. The appearance of them creates significant new opportunities for investors and owners of business enterprises. However, any new fast-growing market carries significant risks for all participants due to the lack of evaluation standards of quality, reliability and transparency of new projects. Therefore, the creation on the platform of the largest Russian economic University of a specialized rating Agency is the right solution for the development of evaluation standards blockchain startups and professional ratings of the ICO. After the appearance of the rating agency fraud risks will be minimized, for both issuers and investors, and they will receive more objective information for decision-making", - says director of Institute of management and social-economical designing of Plekhanov University, head of the educational programs of blockchain and crypto currency Nadezhda Surova.


The base of the rating agency is the community of crypto currency markets and blockchain technologies users created by PRUE and the Board of trustees. It unites the scientific elite of the University, the faculty, students of the chairs and faculties, bank experts, representatives and large companies' heads and state corporations.


 "Already now the analytical team includes leading experts in investment industry with a rich experience in the Internet business, crowdfunding and blockchain industry. We also attract our colleagues from "Rostech", "Rosatom" for making a team of the best analytics of blockchain market, as the strategy of the rating agency is directed to help crypto currency market reach the needed quality standards, transparency and reliability as quickly as possible, that will help to attract institutional investors and create big opportunities for entrepreneurs of the new economy in attracting financing for their projects' realization" – says the head of the Community of crypto currency markets and blockchain technologies users, director executive of the Board of trustees of PRUE Sergey Bezdelov.


"Almost every week we start teaching of different educational programs in the sphere of business technologies and crypto currency. We consolidate the expert community in the direction of digital economy development" – highlights Ph.D. of Economics, professor of PRUE, director of the rating agency direction Artur Kudelya.


Thus, with the support of Plekhanov University, within the framework of the festival of innovations and technologies "Bazaar Tech Convention" in "Roza Khutor", Sochi, over 2000 participants on November 16-19. The best blockchain projects in Russia will be presented for estimation and placing in ICO.