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PRUE became the first Russian university to get “4 stars” in international rating of QS Stars University Ratings
8 December
Campus news

PRUE started conducting the audit on methodology QS Stars in the beginning of July 2015. Three months after that its audit results were given for verification in international rating agency QS Quacquarelli Symonds. After that throughout 2 months the staff of scientific-research center of strategic development of PRUE on request of QS Intelligence Unit gave additional information, explanations, confirming documents, coordinated the verification procedures.

By the results of audit and verification in December 2015 PRUE got 4 stars of QS Stars becoming the first and the only one for now university in Russia that got such a high appreciation. All in all 22 universities have got 4 QS Stars. PRUE became twenty-third university in the world, along with such universities as University of Haddersfield (United Kingdom), University of South Florida (USA), University of Nottingham Trent (UK), Lithuanian State University.

By categories the rating result of PRUE looks the following way: quality of education- 5 stars, part of the graduates who got the job- 5 stars, ​distance/online education- 5 stars, innovation- 3 stars, inclusiveness- 3 stars, internationality- 2 stars, researches- 2 stars. Infrastructure of PRUE got 4 stars in QS Stars but because of the fact that this result is valued in the same group in which the distance/online education is valued according to methodology of QSStars the higher result was chosen. This way PRUE  became the first and the only one Russian university for now to get the result of the rating of QS Stars in the category of distance/online education, and also the first and only, for now, university in Russia that got in this category level of "5 stars" in the rating QS Stars University Ratings.

During the processing the rating QS Stars not only the strong sides of PRUE came out but also the aspects of the activities of the University, which have significant reserves of growth to reach international level of competitiveness of the educational and research services also came out. By the results of audit QS Intelligence Unit formed "road map" for PRUE to improve the competitiveness. That would be included in the strategic program of PRUE development in 2016-2021. The most important role in "road map" goes to development of scientific and research potential. 

Among Russian universities only 2 have 2 stars of QS Stars. They are St. Petersburg National Mineral Resources University and Volgograd State University, 7 Russian universities today have 3 stars: Siberian Federal University, Kazan Federal University, Novosibirsk State Technical University, The national research University "Nizhnii Novgorod state University. N. And. Lobachevsky", national research University "Moscow Institute of Electronic Technologies" (MIET), National Research University "Higher School of Economics" (HSE), Russian presidential Academy of National Economy and Public administration (Ranepa). First Russian university that participated in the rating QS Stars was MGIMO that got 3 stars in 2012 in QS Stars for years 2012-2014.

QS Stars University Ratings is a social rating of QS Quacquarelli Symonds company. It allows students and experts to get as versatile impression about educational center as possible. It offers the information about job placement for graduates, quality of education, scientific research, how universities are equipped with sport implements, social infrastructure and the level of connection between the university with local society. A lot of ratings are often limited in rates and don't take into consideration how much the university correspond to its mission and students expectations. That is why today particularly QS Stars Universities Ratings becomes one of the main tools in making a decision by enrollee around the world about studding in this or that university. Conducted in terms of QS Stars rating the audit estimates in more than 50 different factors in 8-10 categories on the results of a score in each category a university can get from 1 up to 5 stars after that the total number of points is calculated and a final overall rating is conferred. For maximum of the possible scores for each factor the values of the best universities in the world were taken. As for today 144 universities in the world told about their rating results in international rating QS Stars University Rating including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (5+ QS Stars), University of Oxford (5 QS Stars), University of Cambridge (5 QS Stars), Harvard University (5 QS Stars), Yale University (5 QS Stars), Stanford University (5 QS Stars). ​

​PRUE in QS Stars

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