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Cooperation development through research
12 May
Science news

PRUE participated in Scientific Conference on Personal sight on state development. Cooperation between Mongolia and Russia: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The Conference was organized by the Embassy of Mongolia and the Association of Mongolian Students in Russia. Samdan Banzragch, Consul Ambassador of Mongolia in Russia, shared information on Russian-Mongolian partnership development and the importance of Mongolian students, studying in Russian universities, research activities.

Professor of the Department of Projects and Programs Administration of PRUE Ivan M. Potravny  made a report on the theme of Cooperation between Russia and Mongolia in research on the example of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and Erdenet Enterprise relations.

Mongolian-Russian Erdenet Mining Corporation is one of the biggest Ore mining and Ore processing factory in Asia. At present it is a fairly large complex processing 26 million tons of ore per year and producing around 530.0 thousand tons of copper concentrate and around 4.5 thousand tons of molybdenum concentrates annually.