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 Academic Department of Management Theory and Business Technologies launches additional education programs “Pricing in the system of purchases for state, municipal and corporate needs”
6 September
Campus news

​This September has been a new start for the additional education program "Pricing in the system of purchases for state, municipal and corporate needs", attended by over 80 representatives of various subordinate bodies of the Government of Moscow.


The program is to be provided by the following lecturers of Academic Department of Management Theory and Business Technologies: head of the Department, Ph.D. of Economics, professor I. Denisov, Ph.D. of Economics, associate professor Yu. Liandau and Candidate of Psychology, associate professor I. Kalinina, and the University's instructors and invited experts.


The educational program takes place in face-to-face format. To improve the perception of information applied interactive teaching methods. Students will be able to learn the rules justify the price, as the basis for a stable financial status and sustainability of the organization.


The program is structured in the format of the training, where all participants actively participate, the lectures are minimized, and most of the time is given to practical skills. The process takes place in small groups.


At the end of the program, participants will defend the project work and receive certificates of professional development, as well as the real skills and knowledge that will help them in their professional activities on pricing.