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Moscow metro launches the themed train of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
22 March
Campus news

​March 21, within celebration of the 110th anniversary of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow metro held a solemn ceremony of launching the train "Plekhanovets".


The purpose of the train is to introduce as many people as possible to the history of country and University, which are so closely linked. The project "Plehanovets" became a kind of personification of love for Russian history and pioneering – all in the spirit of its beloved students of "Plekhanovka", the youth and finally advanced graduates-entrepreneurs, which throughout the history know PRUE so well.


The solemn event was attended by: Alina Bisembaeva, Deputy head of Department of transport and road transport infrastructure of Moscow, Alexey Ilyinykh, Deputy head of Moscow metro for communications, head of Service administration, Victor Grishin, rector of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, and members of the University.


Victor Ivanovich expressed his deep gratitude to the heads of Moscow metro and Department of transport for this initiative: annually introduce over 1 million people to the University achievements. "We are proud of our biography not only because of our achievements in science: in particular Nikolay Pervukhin was remarked with the hero Star for his contribution to creating the native atomic bomb, respirator was also made at PRUE but for most we are proud of having become a part of daily life of Russians, of being useful. For consumer, for example, in the walls of PRUE was invented a method of storing food products; for our children we have created the recipe for the ice cream and the recipe of mayonnaise, which became the basis for one of the Christmas traditions of Russians. That's not all. Our walls hold many secrets and remember a lot of great events: we held the last public appearance of Vladimir Mayakovsky and Shchukin theatre Institute has grown from an Amateur theatre Studio of Plekhanov University, and, of course, it should be noted that for all time of existence the University has trained more than 175 thousand specialists. All that we finally want to share it all and brighten passengers' time on the way".


On March 21 passengers of the first trip could test the train, and one of them confessed: "I expected more academically layout and content of the University train but I couldn't think that I can learn so much information about history of Russia, not just the University, although now it's obvious for me that these two histories are one".


The train will run for six months on the Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line of the metro. Passengers will be able to choose the most interesting thing to explore in a way: the train consists of eight cars, each of which has its own name - "Knowledge", "Science", "Culture", "Health", "Impact", "Achievement", "Tradition", and "Innovation". The interior of the cars includes a unique collection of 110 facts about the University - one fact for each year of existence of the University. The content of the train "Plekhanovets" passengers will be able to see the history of the first economic University in the country and learn, for example, what uniform students used to wear one hundred years ago that Plekhanov University started to train the first marketers in the country (then USSR).


Also from March 21 with a circulation of 600 thousand copies there will be available for sale at all ticket offices of metro the tickets "Unified" with the symbols of PRUE.