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At Plekhanov Russian University of Economics a ceremony opening of Pavel Novogorodtcev’s bust was hel
16 March
Campus news

Pavel Novgorodtsev - the first director of the Moscow Commercial Institute, Professor, Russian lawyer, jurist, philosopher, historian of philosophy of law, major public and political figure, one of the most famous representatives of Russian liberalism. After graduating from the Moscow University, Novgorodtsev Pavel became a professor, he taught at his alma mater and at Higher Courses for Women. In 1906 he took the position of Director of the Higher Commercial School, and then the Moscow Commercial Institute, which became the center of attraction for progressive, freethinking professors. Proceedings and lectures of Novgorodtsev Pavel made him a recognized scientific authority in the field of Russian philosophy of law. The central point of his teaching was the principle of the moral autonomy of human personality, the principle of the absolute importance of the individual.


On the 15th of March the opening ceremony of the bust Novgorodtsev Pavel that is installed in the second housing of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics took place. The monument was made with funds donated by teachers of PRUE.


The opening speech said by Olga Grishina, vice-rector for Academic Affairs and Informatization, Doctor of Economics, Professor. "Today is a great day, because we open bust of the first rector of the Moscow Commercial Institute. This man was not only at the origin of our university, but also at the origin of the Russian higher education in economics. Bust of Novgorodtsev Pavel symbolizes the connection between the time in the past and present. "


The opening ceremony with congratulatory speech stepped out Viktor Grishin, the rector of PRUE, PhD, Professor: "12 of March 2016 marks 150 years since the birth of Pavel Novgorodtsev significant for human PRUE, one of the founders of the university. We work and learn in a great University and it is important something that our predecessors laid: rules of behavior, formation attitudes of students to our country, education of patriotism. "


Irina Yablochkina, director of the training center of the humanitarian, doctor of historical sciences, professor, congratulated everybody on the opening of the bust. "I would like to thank the team of teachers, thanks to whose donations today has happened the opening of the bust of Novgorodtsev Pavel. We are proud of this important public figure, and try to follow the traditions that were laid more than 100 years ago. Students should know the history of our University, to feel part of our common destiny, and corporate culture. "


On behalf of the students of PRUE congratulatory word was said by a student of the 2nd course of the facul​ty of hotel, restaurant, tourism and sport industry​ Anna Seylanova. "Enrolled at PRUE, we got to know the rich history and great people of our University. Among them a special place is occupied by Pavel Novgorodtsev. We, the students need to know and remember the people who created our beloved university. "​