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At Plekhanov Russian University of Economics an open tournament on chess took place
15 April
Campus news

On the 14th of April at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics an open tournament on chess took place among the best representatives of this kind of sport: our students, as well as students of the branches of the University. During the tournament the participants and students could attend the meeting and ask their questions to Anatoliy Karpov, world champion on chess, honored master of sports, the deputy of the State Duma.


At the tournament participated 20 students, 11 of which represented different branches of PRUE: Kemerovo, Perm, Volgograd, Ivanovo, Pyatigorsk, Tula, Yaroslavl, Smolensk, Bryansk, Saratov, and also Moscow Technological College of Nutrition of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.


Nikolay Shukh, international master, student of Saratov branch of PRUE, won the tournament. Aleksandr Aleev, candidate for master of sports, a student of the Saratov branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, got silver while Dmitriy Krikunov, candidate for master of sports, member of the chess team of our University, received the bronze.


In terms of the meeting with Mr. Karpov, at which participated rector of PRUE Viktor Grishin, students could ask interesting questions to great chessplayer: what would be the chances of G. Kasparov, if he returned to the sport and began to fight for the title of World Champion on fast chess; secrets on preparation to competitions; what games other than chess, A. Karpov prefers and why chess is a sport; who is more interesting to play with a person or a computer; who to increase the popularity of chess among students and children; what kind of art is the closest to chess.


Viktor Grishin also congratulated the participants of the tournament: "I would like to make this tournament annual. I suppose that on the quantity of chess champions of Russia there is no other country like that.  Despite the new technologies, I would like to think, how to interest today's children to this great game".


Apart from the tournament stages, Anna Bylinkina, the competition judge, student of the faculty of management, member of the University team on chess, the double champion of chess in Europe, World Champion for solving chess problems, offered to solve a block of goals. Anna showed particular professionalism in the judgment of the tournament.


Participants of the tournament got memorable books with the symbols of the University signed by Mr. Karpov. The tournament was organized by the Center "Student sports club of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics".