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A famous motivational speaker Nick Vujicic gives open lecture at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
20 October
Campus news

A well-known motivational speaker Nick Vujicic gave an open lecture at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics on October 19, 2017.


Minister of education of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva attended the meeting with the speaker and shared her impressions of speech by Nick Vujicic on the youth festival in Sochi: "Nick's performance made a stunning hit on students and young people and was particularly important for young people". The Minister stressed that the activities and ideals, which Vujicic follows all his life and for the first time shared in the walls of PRUE will be not just popular, very close to the listeners, but will also involve open discussion with the speaker.


Victor Grishin, Rector of Plekhanov University, opened the lecture and expressed confidence about the lecture's "teaching young people not to give up, filly improve their talents and except themselves the way they are".


In his turn, Nick Vujicic thanked the Minister and Rector of PRUE for a high level of attention to events which are devoted to the aspects of values of life of the young generation of Russia. "I am very glad to have an opportunity to talk to the generation of the new leaders here, at the University, with so strong and interesting traditions. The new generation of such great country must dream big, and I want to introduce the values which help the listeners to be motivated and make right decisions".


The lecture of the speaker was devoted to the role of the young generation's potential, its resources and ways of self-realization. Most of his performance Nick dedicated to the topic of individuality and possibility to find their own unique way in the century of influence of public opinion. Nick addressed his speech to everyone, and judging by the sincerity of questions and the amount of applause that interrupted his speech, it really resonated with all 1500 students in the lecture held at the Congress Center of PRUE.


The participants shared their innermost thoughts. In particular, Nick received questions such as: how not to despair and to continue to help people if you do not feel the impact and needs of their help and love. Thus, one of the representatives of the student Council asked a question about how to attract more young people to charitable actions of Plekhanov University. And at the end of the meeting, Nick Vujicic admitted that the contact with the audience he will not be able to interrupt and soon will open a special page for the Russians in social networks, members of which together will dream big and do good deeds.