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Scientific reports of the representatives of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics were published in international monograph entitled “E-Business”
11 March
Campus news

The active participation in scientific-pedagogical staff members of ESC "Cybernetics" of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in international scientific and educational projects terminated with the release of international monograph entitled "E-Business" ("Electronic Business") under the edition of Vladimir Dick and Arkadiy Urinsov.


In the monograph these authors were published: T. Alekseeva, V. Babenko, E. Begutova, V. Davidovichene, V. Dick, N. Dneprovskaya, V. Kanev, S. Kasatkina, S. Lebedev, E. Makarenkova, I. Pavlekovskaya, N. Paliulis, A. Romannikov, T. Semkina, S. Kharitonov, A. Urintsov, A. Shterenharts, A. Yurasov.


Scientific work, written in accessible language, helps readers to understand the content and e-commerce issues. Much attention was paid to the scientific aspects of e-commerce and aspects of the practical application of the ideas of its authors. When writing of the manuscript authors took as a basis the modern point of view on issues of the study. Each chapter is structured as an independent article with key words and bibliography. All chapters of the monograph are logically interrelated. The research contains actual information about the virtual management of enterprises; trends and major issues of informatization of the society; electronic payment systems; the marketing aspects in a digital society; analyzing information dissemination and much more.​

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