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The International school “Modeling and Forecasting of Socio-Economic Dynamics” opens at PRUE
5 October
Campus news

​The International school "Modeling and Forecasting of Socio-Economic Dynamics", organized together with the University of Konstanz, Germany, has been started out at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics on October 3d within the events dedicated to PRUE 110 and the University of Konstanz's 50 Anniversary. Amongst the participants the opening has been attended by students, post graduates and teachers from Russia, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and Albania.


D. Shtykhno, vice-rector for development, opened the event with his welcome speech and told the audience about the history of the two Universities co-operation. Dmitry A. Shtykhno also pointed out the special relationship to such co-operation form which contributes to experience and knowledge exchange between students, post graduates and teachers; acquaints them with the partner Universities' traditions and culture of the countries, strengthening and developing the set relations. Winfried Pohlmeier, professor of the University of Konstanz in his reply thanked the event organizers and for the hospitality.


N. Tikhomirov, head of the Academic Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics of PRUE, professor, informed the audience about the International school program, its aims and tasks ahead the participants. At the end of the ceremony professor Pohlmeier read the lecture entitled: "Econometric Model Selection" and asked the audience's questions.