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Business incubator of Plekhanov University holds master class on making and developing one’s own business
1 June
Campus news

On May 31, 2018, Business incubator of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics carried out an open master class on making and developing one's own business. Leading experts-entrepreneurs in the sphere of marketing, IT, sales and industry shared their experience and the ways to make money and create one's own business, how to find the points of income and to reach the goals.


Evgeniy Oskolkov, the new director of Business incubator, businessperson and owner of the company "Textile shop", opened the master class. He told about how Business incubator helps to realize one's projects. Every qualified person can take advantage of the benefits that the business incubator provides: mentoring, personal advice, assistance with business planning and working with investors, training seminars and monthly meetings with experts and mindsets. The business incubator also provides all the necessary infrastructure-premises and equipment necessary for the creation and development of its own business.


Alexey Manikhin, a businessperson, creator of Russian Week of Marketing and Russian Week of Sales, shared his vision of personal trajectory of human development. In his opinion, "to be an entrepreneur, you need to have a certain set of competencies: a clear vision of the future and the ability to assemble a team in order to realize this future." In order to find your purpose and self-determination in life-you need to test different projects, yourself in different areas, in different markets, in different roles, and only this will eventually lead you to the desired success, which will be the intersection of what you love, what you are paid for and what you are competent. According to Alexey, the most important skills necessary for building your business in the XXI century are "emotional intelligence, solving complex problems, communication, sales and people management".


Director General and managing partner Paper Planes Iliya Balakhnin held a Q&A session. Ilya replied that the best place to learn something is in practice. "Practice is the best teacher", he said. Advice for start-up entrepreneurs from Ilya is "Work on. Work hard".


Brothers Maxim and Svyatoslav Gralnik, founders of "Gralnik Licensing", "" shared their experience about how to earning and create your own business. Having tried themselves in various business areas, today their company occupies a leading place in the market of legal services in this area. According to the Gralnik brothers, basic skills for new entrepreneurs, "First, it is the ability to sell. To sell means to communicate. Secondly, no less important skill is the ability to learn. And the third is to preserve our integrity and ethics before ourselves, before our customers".


The master class has become the first event of the updated Business incubator of the University, which gathered over 400 listeners.


At the end, E. Oskolkov invited all to pass the selection to the team of business incubator of PRUE, where everyone will have the opportunity to express themselves and their business project, to find like-minded people.