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Plekhanov Russian University of Economics holds workshop “Scientific articles: how and what for?”
18 May
Campus news

​On May 17 2017 Plekhanov Russian University of Economics held a workshop "Scientific articles: how and what for?" Professor Valeriy Titov, dean of Faculty of Mathematical Economics, Statistics and Informatics, Ph.D. of Economics, welcomed students of FMESI and of other faculties and told about the importance of scientific publications.


Denis Maximov, head of dean office of IBS-Plekhanov, Candidate of Economics, associate professor of Academic Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics, told all participants about the main criteria to estimate the quality of a publish house, ways of the needed literature search when writing articles. Another speaker, Alexey Popov, Candidate of Technical science, associate professor of Academic Department of Informatics informed the listeners about the structure of scientific articles and the importance to find a good publish house.


At the workshop closure students of Lomonosov MSPU Kristina Kuznetsova and Elizaveta Mikhaylova shared their experience of research activity and gave useful advice on writing articles and also adduce reasons in favor of science from students point of view.


Head of the science club of FMESI Vasilisa Klimashina shared with participants the plans for further activities and told about the possibility of writing scientific articles in the summer. Vasilisa invited everyone to the next workshop on the theme: "Bibliography and footnotes", which will be held in mid-June of 2017.

The audience expressed interest in further similar workshops, but also noted the high level of organization and preparedness of the speakers.