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PRUE launches the unique blockchain economics program for lawyers
13 December
Campus news

​On December 11, 2017, The State Duma held a solemn opening ceremony of the further training program of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics "Legal bases and legal practices to operate crypto currency and blockchain projects".


The program has been developed by the experts of Institute of management and social-economical designing of PRUE together with the Expert Council of the State Duma for digital economics and blockchain technologies, the companies "Effective business resources" and "IT-Technology".


The first stream of listeners included representatives from different cities of Russia and CIS countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan: judges, General Directors, law firms, attorneys, legal practitioners from such companies as: "Center right", "Legal capital", "Synergy Research Group", "Stroytek".


First, the participants held a training tour of the State Duma, in which they learned about the history of lawmaking and legislative bodies in Russia.


The Grand opening of the program was held in the form of a round table on the topic "Legal frameworks and legal practices to operate blockchain-projects", which is allowed to move to the modern law, to discuss the overall direction for the development of the "Digital economy", the issues of regulating blockchain technologies, ICO, cryptocurrency in Russia.


"For a competent legislative regulation of the new branches of digital economics, it is necessary to develop and amend into the law those terms and definitions which will allow all market users understand what provisions apply to them. Following the results of this course, your suggestions on the definition to "blockchain" and this sphere regulations will be considered" – said deputy chairperson of the committee for financial market of the State Duma Alexey Izotov.   


"Now, with the rapid development of blockchain technologies, with the approval of the program of the Government of the Russian Federation on regulation of the digital economy, a great responsibility will fall on the lawyers who must create the legal, reasonable design, taking into account all the risks of entrepreneurial activity in the field of blockchain. The program assumes that students will not only understand what blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO, and smart contracts are, but also remember the basics of financial law, securities market, law and commerce market. This knowledge will allow them to fully understand under the guidance of practicing lawyers, how exactly does legal support for arising of legal relations in the sphere of the blockchain," says Institute of management and social-economical designing of PRUE, member of the expert Council of the State Duma on the digital economy and blockchain technology, the Nadezhda Surova.


According to the managing partner "Effective business resources" Alexander Zhuravlev, "one of the goals of this program is providing you with directions, study your industry, we provide the general direction, give a specific example of the practice, and You've already shared with us, or independently come to understand how to use this knowledge in a particular area, because if to speak about application of blockchain technology, it is limitless and absolutely applied in all spheres of life."


The programs are designed for 75 hours of the course will take place from Monday to Friday in PRUE with a live stream worldwide.


The program includes 8 blocks within which the listeners will find out the details of all the aspects of blockchain sphere regulations from the technological aspects of blockchain and mining technology to the existing juridical practice of offences in this sphere.  


The program also includes outreach activities, in particular in the State Duma, the Federation Council, the Russian mining center, where Dmitry Marinichev will give a lecture on mining, on all its forms, the equipment, a Russian businessperson, the Internet Ombudsman, member of the expert Council of the "Agency for strategic initiatives" and the General Council of "Business Russia", crypto-millionaire.


"Upon completion of the program students will receive competence in the legal aspects of working with bitcoin and blockchain projects supported by state ID – Plekhanov University, and also there will be created a club of alumni, the club of the expert community", – concludes the representative of the "IT-technology" Denis Agaronov.