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The first blockchain industry lawyers graduate from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
24 January
Campus news

​On January 22, 2018, the Federation Council held a solemn Advanced Certificates awarding ceremony in "Legal basics and juridical practice in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects", the program of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Institute of management and social-economical designing.


Within the ceremony, a roundtable took place, moderated by deputy chairperson of the committee of the Federation Council Vyacheslav Timchenko; the audience of the program together with deputies of the State Duma, members of the expert council of the State Duma on digital economy and blockchain technologies discussed the relevant issues of the program of the Government of the Russian Federation on digital economy regulation.


Alexei Izotov, deputy Chairperson of the Committee of financial market of the State Duma, expressed his gratitude to PRUE and to Nadezhda Surova in particular, for the initiative in the issue, he also underlined the significance of such trainings: "To my mind, now we lack qualified personnel who on professional level will deal with the issues of digital economy, blockchain, mining and ICO. I am sure that the first launch of the program will become that base which will pass the idea of the new economy to the masses and will help the whole country in developing in this sphere".


"Lawyers and attorneys today must know how to work with the new digital economy, understand and be aware of blockchain, ICO, mining and cryptocurrency basics, as very soon the law of this sphere regulation will be adopted, and it is them who will carry out legal support, the emerging relationship in blockchain. Within our program, for our lessons we have prepared many things, which are not yet announced, therefore, it is quite possible that our graduates will be the pioneers of this sphere" – says the Member of the expert council of the State Duma of digital economics and blockchain technologies, director of the educational program Igor Sudets.


Many graduates have pointed out that although the law on blockchain economy has not yet adopted, we must study this issue, as the society today is in the phase of turning from one economy to another.


During the discussion, the event' participants made a decision of necessity in a joint long-term work and creating a private alumni club, in which the participants will continue improving their level of knowledge.


"One of the key tasks of PRUE is in training professional personnel for the future digital economy, therefore we develop and realize educational programs in the whole spectrum of digitalizing processes" – says director of Institute of management and social-economical designing Nadezhda Surova.


On Febuary 19 Plekhanov University launches the second flow of the program "Legal basics and juridical practice in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects".


This program includes 75 academic hours, eight blocks, within which listeners will in detail deal with all the aspects of legal regulation of blockchain from technological aspects of blockchain and mining to the existing legal practice of offences in this sphere.


In the framework of this program, there will be carried out extramural substantive events, in particular to the State Duma, the Federation Council, and Russian mining centre of Dmitriy Marinichev and to the international corporation "BitBaza" of Daniil Zakomolkin. The training courses will be carried out in both intramural and online formats.