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Experimental laboratory of taxation opens in Plekhanov University
16 May
Campus news

On 16 May 2019, Plekhanov University solemnly opened a new laboratory at the academic department of accounting and taxation. A Plekhanov alumnus, executive director of "GPA Engineering" Roman Gyulumyan, has invested the project.


Rector Victor Grishin thanked Roman and pointed out the significance of innovational laboratories, "Today digitalization is everywhere, and we are coming along. I am glad that we open such laboratories at the university".  


The investor Roman Gyulumyan told about the actual idea for the laboratory and thanked the administration for a fruitful joint work.


After a ribbon cutting, Lyubov Chaykovskaya, head of the academic department of accounting and taxation, told the guests about the process of the lab's construction.


At the end of the ceremony, the project team's members received letters of gratitude from the university.