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Andrey Koshkin, professor at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, commented the press-conference of Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, life of “Russia Today” channel
21 December
Campus news

Andrey Koshkin, head of the Department of Political Science and Sociology​, highlighted that during the press-conference of Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, while answering the questions of journalists about different aspects of world economy he didn't name the force that is destabilizing social and political situation in the countries of Middle East. However, according to the expert, we should understand that we are talking about USA that uses technologies of "controlled chaos" broke social and political balance in governments of regions with a goal to reach their geopolitical goals.


We should take into consideration that destruction by Turkish soldiers of Russian bomber SU-24 is a vivid sign of hostility of Turkish leadership, "stab in the back" that only accomplices of terrorism in the Middle East could inflict. That is why, according to professor, it is necessary to pay attention to the words of Vladimir Putin that from the Russian side there is no hostility towards Turkish people. But Moscow is forced actively to oppose the current political elite in Ankara's sentiments, the result of which was the crash of a Russian SU-24. However, these circumstances should not affect the preservation of international friendship among Russians, including representatives of the Turkic language group and Turkish citizens.


Andrey Koshkin supposes that despite the complication of relations with Moscow Prime Minister Erdogan continues to participate in illegal energy trade with the Islamists. Active actions of military of so-called "Islamic State" in Syria are a good cover for the unimpeded delivery of smuggled oil to Turkey. Apart from that Ankara continues to provide ISIS radicals the possibility of treatment and implementation reclassifications on its territory.


As highlighted by Vladimir Putin, Russia is not is the state of war with Turkey and Russian HQs don't realize any stocks over Turkish territory which could be considered as unfriendly. Main tasks of the presence of Russian military in the Middle East stay the same, notes the expert. They are to ensure the national security of the Russian Federation, confronting the spread of international terrorism and supporting the Syrian army in the liberation of Syria from the militants of the "Islamic state".


It is important to understand, Andrey Koshkin highlights, that the result of termination of armed operation in Syria will be the total settlement of the political situation in the region. Having slightly opened the veil of secrecy of negotiations with John Kerry, US Secretary of state, Russian President, Vladimir Putin noted that on key issues on the current agenda of international relations nor Washington, nor Moscow have no differences. The parties believe that it is necessary on the base of acceptable new constitutional ground to hold democratic elections in the country, the success of which will depend on the degree of consolidation of the main forces of the Syrian society.