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Faculty of business “Captains” of Plekhanov University takes 7th place in business incubators and accelerators international rating
28 February
Campus news

Faculty of Business "Captains" took the 7th place in business incubators and accelerators international rating. The score is in the World report on UBI Global testing for 2017-2018. Nikolay Mrochkovsky, head of the basic chair of the Charity fund of educational programs of "Captains" support "Innovational management and social entrepreneurship", brought Certificate of Merit to Moscow from Toronto (Canada).


The rating is carried out by comparing performance indicators, approach methods and interaction formats of all components of business incubators and accelerators in the world.


In all sectors of the economy, young firms consistently achieve higher employment growth than more mature firms. Realizing the huge socio-economic potential of vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems, private organizations and governments around the world have begun to support the creation of business incubation programs that catalyze the creation of startups and the development of an enabling environment. It is not surprising that business incubation has evolved in the industry, providing more effective results than other programs of economic development.


In this context, University-related incubation programmes have played a particularly important role in many innovation strategies in many countries.


While programs and startups benefit from getting customers, research and development business infrastructure, universities have multifaceted outdoor education, commercialization of research and application capabilities.


The world test study 2017-2018 is the most exclusive and comprehensive standard of research related to the University of business incubators and accelerators. The purpose of this test is to highlight and present the development of the incubation industry, as well as to demonstrate its technological trends and impact on the startup ecosystem and the economy as a whole.