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I. Perov, Head of the Department of Restaurant Business of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, made a presentation at the International economic Forum in Krakow, Poland
13 September
Campus news

From 6 to 9 of September Vitaly Perov, the head of the Department of Restaurant Business of Plehanov Russian University of Economics, made a presentation on the topic "Development of municipal financial control of representative bodies in the Russian Federation" at the XXVI International economic forum in Krakow, Poland. The issues highlighted in the report were about strategy of municipal control and accounts bodies in the medium term, staff control and audit bodies, the interaction between them.


During the Forum V. Perov  met Leszek Miller, the Prime Minister of Poland 2001-2004; Altai Abiball, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Poland; Vladimir Neverov, representative of the trade representation of the Russian Federation; Klein Kazimierz, Senator, Deputy Chairperson of the Commission of the Senate of the Republic of Poland; the organizers of the forum, including Vladyslav Sokolowski; V. Kvint, academician of the RAS, head of the financial strategy Department, Moscow state University MSE; E. Kojokin, Vice-rector on scientific work of MGIMO; Alexander Rahr, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Russian economy in Germany; A. Rokossovskaya, a Russian newspaper journalist, granddaughter of Marshal K. Rokossovsky; O. Rumyantsev, co-author of the modern Constitution, the President of the Association of specialists in business and government "GR-Liga"; E. Guseletova, head of the international Department, non-state autonomous non-commercial organization of higher education "Institute of world civilizations".