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Representatives of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics presented with the reports at VIII International conference "Times of Polymers & Composites" in Italy
27 June
Science news

Elena Mastalygina, senior researcher at laboratory of "Advanced composite materials and technologies" by the department of chemistry and physics, and Anna Zykova, senior researcher of the scientific school of "Chemistry and Polymeric Materials Technology" at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, took part in VIII International conference "Times of Polymers (TOP) & Composites" that took place at Ischia, Italy, from 19 to 23 June. The conference was dedicated to innovations in the sphere of development and study of polymers and composites on their basis. His reports were submitted by the world's leading scientists in the field of polymer chemistry from 40 countries.


E.Mastalygina and A. Zykova presented with four reports on topics: "Structural changes in Low-Density Polyethylene/Natural Rubber Composites in the Aqeous and Soil Media", "Process Optimization Electrospinning Fibrous Material Based on Polyhydroxybutyrate", "Chemical Interaction of Polyethylene Matrix with Vegetable Filler in Biocomposites", "Mechanical Properties of Ethylene-Octene Copolymer (EOC)-Lignocellulosic Fillers Biocomposites in Dependence to Filler Content". Their reports provoked a high interest among participants and allowed to broaden network of scientific contacts of the University with the world research centers. Thanks to the participation of representatives of PRUE in the Conference, an opportunity accrued for international cooperation and implementation of joint scientific works, including in the framework of international grants.