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PRUE representative takes part in International scientific and practical conference “Electronic systems of detection of borrowings in the provision of services for different market segments”
1 November
Campus news

​On October 27-28 Lipetsk Institute of Educational Development held an International scientific and practical conference entitled:"Electronic systems of detection of borrowings in the provision of services for different market segments". The conference was attended by more than 100 people from different regions of Russia, CIS states and Bulgaria; among the participants there were educational institutes, research institutes, corporations, Mass Media and specialists of different activity areas.


P.Kh. Katabay, Chief of Department on work with the dissertation committee of Management of Scientific Personnel Certification, presented Plekhanov University at the conference. He made report on "Formalization of detection of incorrect borrowings in the thesis presented in the dissertation committees of the University"


The conference addressed issues related to theoretical, methodological and technological aspects of the detection of borrowing. At the round tables, the conference participants together with leading developers discussed the advantages and disadvantages, compared the productivity of electronic systems for the detection of borrowing. There were ideas put forward to improve data systems that can improve the quality of the documents organizations. To discuss proposed projects related to the detection of borrowings in different segments of the market (check PHB, dissertations, and legal documents), integration of this system with other electronic systems. Discussion platforms, special attention was paid to the aspect concerning the definition of standard percent of loans in the documents of the organizations. A lively dialogue has shown that issues raised at the conference are significant and require new solutions.