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National Ranking of Universities for 2014-2015
3 June
Science news
Following the results of 2014-2015 monitoring, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics strengthens its position. Getting up for five points, PRUE took 35 place among 200 Russian universities, whereas in the category of "Education" PRUE improved for 12 points, in the category of "Socialization" PRUE took 20th position, in the category of "Brand" – 18 position.

The key objectives of this project is to develop mechanisms of procedures of an independent evaluation system of universities and educational programs; to classify Russian universities, reflecting the variation and profile of the institutions; increasing the quality and competitiveness of universities; promoting them in global university ratings and deepening cooperation within the higher education systems in these countries.
The assessment of the universities was based on six main parameters:

  • - Educational activities
  • - Research activities
  • - Social environment
  • - Internationalization
  • - Brand
  • - Innovation and entrepreneurship

The rankings included more than 200 universities, including two national universities, nine federal universities, 29 national research universities, 62 classic universities, 42 technical and technological universities (including three rail universities and a mining university), 12 economics universities (including one non-government academic university), 21 agrarian universities, 12 architecture and construction universities, eight pedagogical and linguistic universities, ten medical universities and one non-government diversified university.

The full table of national university ratings for 2014/2015 can be seen on the project's official website