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Plekhanov Russian University of Economics holds scientific and practical conference “Consulting and education integration. Problems and prospects”
26 May
Science news

​On May 25 2017 Plekhanov Russian University of Economics held scientific and practical conference "Consulting and education integration. Problems and prospects", within the year of consulting. The aim of the conference was to attract consulting and education and technologies experience exchange.


The event was attended by representatives of consulting, education experts, administration experts, business coaches, instructors and students of PRUE.


The changing nature of the modern economy allows us to consider new roles and value of consulting, which requires changes in the approaches to its functioning. Consulting is a creative research activity lying at the interface of science and practice, increasingly acquiring innovative. The most important function of consulting is the activity to transform knowledge in technology solutions to managerial problems. All of this significantly changes the role of consulting in the modern economy. Consulting is becoming one of the main "conductors" of the implementation of theoretical knowledge in life, the sphere of accumulation and application of practical knowledge, as well as the emergence of new creative solutions.


Business needs new forms of consulting services and the graduate school should bring into this process the new products and prospects through modern educational services and intelligent service, which University professors, consultants and experts broadcast.


The conference discussed issues: current trends in the market of consulting and expert services; transformation consulting in a changing business environment; new meanings and values of management consulting; training for consultants in higher education: problems and prospects; integration of management consulting and education: prospects for development; consulting in the context of the trends of the future or how to succeed in the world of experimentation and foresight technologies; creative solutions in business environment and education; the challenges of the strategic environment and the responses of the educational consulting; practical examples of the application of new methods and technologies; consulting the products of the University.


The conference participants highly appreciated the practical context of the conference and conducting trend workshops: "Blue ocean Strategy – facilitative technology in the development of strategy" (Olga Kleptsova, facilitator, business consultant); "How to create a real product for 1.5 hours with Agile?" (Deryushkin Alexei, agile coach, trainer and consultant of ScrumTrek); "Rapid Foresight: the future of consulting in Russia" (Natalia Antonova, Irina Zotova, facilitators, coach-consultants, University professors).


In conclusion, the participants noted that the active exchange of expertise and education will lead to the desired integration and will be the basis for the creation of new forms of cooperation such as joint projects of universities and consulting agencies, and possibly the creation of the Department of Management Consulting on the basis of Plekhanov University.


The conference was moderated by associate Professor of Academic Department of Management Theory and Business Technologies of PRUE Irina Zotova.