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The Graduation Day and Plekhanov Pride Award 2018 take place at Plekhanov University
17 July
Campus news

On July 13, 2018, Plekhanov University held the one of the most spectacular and anticipated events of the University, which is the solemn awarding ceremony of Plekhanov Pride 2018.


The rector of Plekhanov University Victor I. GRISHIN greeted the audience: "Dear graduates, we have made all the best for you to get all the needed competencies for moving on. We have provided you with good teachers, who could expose you to knowledge so you can be attractive to any employer. You have found friends here, too. The motto "Plekhanovets, help Plekhanovets" is very nice; I would like you to keep it in mind wherever you go".


The awarding ceremony of Plekhanov Pride 2018 had five nominations. The nominees are the following:



Marina STENYUKOVA, Faculty of trade economics and commodity science – LAUREATE

Vladislav KOSHIN, Faculty of management – NOMENEE

Dmitriy LAKUTIN, Faculty of trade economics and commodity science – NOMENEE



Andrey NOVIKOV, Faculty of economics and law – LAUREATE

Anastasia ZHIGLYAEVA Faculty economics and law – NOMENEE

Lyubov MALAKHOVA, Faculty of mathematical economics, statistics and informatics – NOMENEE



Andrey TIKHONOV, Faculty of economics and law – LAUREATE

Yana SKRIPNIKOVA, Faculty of marketing – NOMENEE

Elizaveta SHARANKEVICH, Faculty of hotel, restaurant, tourism and sport industry – NOMENEE



Anna PAVLOVA, Faculty of economics and law – LAUREATE

Polina BESPALOVA, Faculty of finance – NOMENEE

Polina MUMROVA, Faculty of marketing – NOMENEE



Denis KUZNETSOV, Faculty of hotel, restaurant, tourism and sport industry LAUREATE

Dmitry AL'MYASHKIN, Faculty of economics and law – NOMENEE

Anastasia PLATONOVA, Faculty of trade economics and commodity science – NOMENEE


All the nominees received the memorable medals and Certificates of being entered in the Book of Honor of Plekhanov University; the laureates were awarded with the desired Nike.


The guests of honor took part in the awarding ceremony: chairperson of the board of Eurasian Development Bank, chairperson of the council of the Alumni Association of Plekhanov University Andrey Yu. BELYANINOV; the five-time Olympic champion, eighteen-time world champion, ten-time Europe champion in synchronized swimming, a graduate of the University of 2011 Svetlana A. ROMASHINA; chairperson of the Council of vice-rectors for socio-educational work of higher educational organizations of Russia, a graduate of the University of 1992 Artur R. SAVELOV; director general of "INTER RAO SERVICE", Executive director of the Fund of trustees of Plekhanov University Sergey A. BEZDELOV. Mr. Savelov, being a Plekhanov graduate, expressed his wish to establish such an award not only for students but also for graduates of Plekhanov University.


Apart from the guests, vice-rectors congratulated the graduates as well. "I would like you to have a bright and clear goal in your life. With a good goal, you will go through any obstacles, whereas without any goal it is impossible to follow a smooth path. In XII century people are illiterate not for not knowing how to read or write, but those who will not be able to learn, unlearn and relearn again" – pointed out vice-rector for academic affairs and property complex Tatiana A. VORONOVA.


After that, the deans presented the prestigious Diplomas to the best students of the University. Vice-rector for educational and methodological work Petr A. KARASEV opened this ceremony.