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Delegation of Plekhanov University take part in VII International Leading Universities Forum “Global competitiveness”
6 June
Campus news

On 5 June 2019, Rector Victor Grishin and the other Plekhanov University representatives participated in VII International Leading Universities Forum "Global competitiveness", held by ranking agency RAEX-Analytics.


Within the Forum, Rector and Vice-rector for development Dmitry Shtykhno spoke at the panel discussion "Sustainable development of universities in the era of the new challenges".


Victor Grishin spoke on the way digital technologies are implemented in educational processes of Plekhanov University, "Firstly, there is changing of particular courses and making-up new ones, the related "humanitarian-digital" programs; secondly, educational technologies and research change".


Rector pointed out that implementing digital economics is taught in all Bachelor programs, some of digital economics technologies are already in IT courses. He added that the university is planning to open MS degree digital economics programs.


Victor Grishin informed that digital technologies are used not only in study, but also in communicating with the branches, international partners, and in the university internet space (personal accounts, electronic library), and outlined that "digital technologies are the factor of levelling up the competitiveness, which is important. We are taking various measures to compete with the leading universities of the country. We have 14 basic departments, 23 laboratories, 9 of which – on the subject of digital economy, opened interfaculty group DATA SCIENCE, students who gain skills in the field of modern methods of socio-economic analysis".


 Dmitry Shtykhno presented a report "The drivers of graduates' success: the experience of Plekhanov University of Economcis", in which he highlighted the most demanded jobs of the future, told what and in what way students will study in order to conform to the requirements of the labour market.


Plekhanov University received the diploma in the nomination "Competitiveness growth" from RAEX-Analytics, for improving positions in the Best Universities ranking: in 2018 Plekhanov took the 20th place, this year it's the 18th. It is on the 14th place in "Informational technologies" ranking.