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Member of Plekhanov University E. Shavina takes part in International research forum “Primakov readings”
3 July
Science news

On June 29-30 Moscow held the second International research forum "Primakov readings", organized by Primakov National Research Institute of the world economy and international relations of RAS, Commercial and Industrial Chamber of the Russian Federation, International Trade Center, Gorchakov public diplomacy support Fund and Primakov foreign policy cooperation Center.  


In preparation for "Primakov readings" IWEIR and the Center Primakov announced the acceptance of applications from young scientists. The contest winners were invited to the Forum, giving them the opportunity to interact with leading experts, former and current government officials, representatives of the business sector. Among 15 winners of the contest, there was a representative of PRUE, Candidate of Economics, Associate professor of Academic Department of Political Economy and History of Economic Science, a member of Young Scientists Council of PRUE Evgeniya Shavina.


28 June at Primakov Centre in Moscow in anticipation of the opening of the international forum "Primakov readings – 2017" there was held a round table "The World in 2035: a view of young people". Meeting with experts at the round table, young scientists from 10 regions of Russia discussed the future of the world system by 2035. In its reports on the basis of the various forecasting methods they presented, what changes we can expect in the economic, political, regional and social processes. Evgeniya Shavina presented a report on the theme: "The World in 2035: integration processes and economic world order".


The first day of "Primakov readings" was devoted to the problems of interaction between Russia and the United States. The meeting was opened by President IWEIR Alexander Dynkin. The Russian presidential aide Yuriy Ushakov read out to the congregation the message of the President. The paper noted that despite the difficult international situation, free communication scientists, experts, analysts from different countries is intended to contribute to overcoming differences through the exchange of best practices. Your view of the future of Russian-American relations was presented by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, the President of the International Committee of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Konstantin Kosachev, Director of the Center for International security, IWEIR ran Alexey Arbatov. Topics of the second part of the first working day began long-term trends in the Indo-Pacific region and the prospects of building a new Eurasian economic landscape. The program of the day finished with the presentation of a new global forecast of IWEIR "the World of 2035. A comprehensive image of the future".


On June 30 the scientific and expert Forum continued its work. A special session of the conference was opened by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. Also as part of the session was former U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger. He believes that Moscow and Washington will somehow find a common vision of the world they want to create in the future will come to dialogue. In the second half of the final "Primakov readings" day, there was held a panel discussion in three sections. The moderators of the discussion were made by the German diplomat and the Chairman of the annual Munich international security conference Wolfgang Ischinger, President of Primakov IWEIR of RAS Alexander Dynkin and assistant to Russian President Andrey Fursenko.