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At Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Eighth International forum “Innovative development through intellectual property market” within Sixth Abalkin’s readings terminated
19 May
Campus news

On the 18th of May an Eighth International forum "Innovative development through intellectual property market" within International days of intellectual property under the aegis of the UN and Sixth International Abalkin's readings took place at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.


At the Forum participated the heads and authorized representatives of public authorities, science and business, international organizations, universities and non-governmental organizations, media and leading experts in the field of intellectual property of the Union State, EAEC, CIS and SCO. At the events preceding the International Forums more than 1800 representatives from 18 countries took part. The event envisaged both full-time participation but also participation in the form of video-conference of educational, science organizations, corporations and enterprises, authorities of the Russian regions on the basis of the Krasnoyarsk, Sevastopol, Pyatigorsk, Krasnodar and Saratov branches of PRUE representatives in online-broadcasting witch you can watch on the website of the University.


The uniqueness of the forum is determined by the fact that here annually since 2008 the projects of national and Interstate reports "State legal protection, use and protection of intellectual property in Russia and CIS countries" are presented. The peculiarity of these meetings is also their pointing at the current problems of economics and management of intellectual property, where the right stands a regulator of such relationships. Provisions of the final documents of the Forum are even more often reflected in the estimates and documents of CIS and EAEC, and in the decisions taken by the government in this area at the national level.


Aims and objectives of the Forum: generalization of experience of innovative development through the formation of the intellectual property market in Russia, CIS and EAEC in 2015; identification of needs and possibilities of technological modernization; identification of mechanisms of "start" of the economy of intellectual property; identification of risks in the field of intellectual property in within the activity technology platforms and regional innovation clusters and the creation of a control system of such risks; identify problem and promising issues of innovation development and approaches to address them at the national and international levels.


Ceremonial opening of International Forum began with a welcoming word of Viktor Grishin, rector of PRUE: "Today's industry and economy cannot develop without innovation. Today the development of economics turned into continuous process of improvements in technology and production of new goods, products. Organize continuous conversion technology, learn to select those technological innovations that will have some success in the future - it is very difficult. At the time many scientists who looked at the theories, inventions, which are now used talking about the impossibility of their application in life. Therefore, selection processes, maintenance, registration of intellectual property, patenting process, and protecting inventors - they are all difficult. I hope that we will bring up the new generation of innovators which could in the future teach innovation processes".


In the address of the Forum came greetings from representatives of supreme bodies of state power of the Russian Federation: from Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister and Sergey Naryshkin, Russian State Duma Chairman, as well as from foreign countries and international organizations.


With a welcoming speech presented Akif Agamehti ogli Alizadeh, representative delegation of Azerbaijan Republic, President of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, academician: "Economics is a linking element between intellectual property and manufacturing. We need to create a bridge between science and business. Intellectual property must have the legal field, which will untie the hands of scientists. I have no doubt that the 21st century will bring new discoveries, thanks to joint efforts".


Vladimir Lopatin, general director of Intellectual Property Corporation RSRIIP, chairman of the national "Intellectual Property" Technical Committee for Standardization, head of the basic department of intellectual property management RSRIIP of PRUE, presented with presentation of national report "On the status of legal protection, use and protection of intellectual property in Russia, EAEC and CIS in 2015". The materials of the report reflects the main problematic the legal, economic and organizational issues of formation of Eurasian intellectual property market, as well as the ways and means to solve them with reference to the powers and responsibility of specific international organizations, public authorities and their officials.


Presentation was dedicated to main topics of the Forum: conditions for the formation of the Eurasian intellectual property market: globalization and realization; regularities and features, formed in world trade; criteria of effectiveness and indicators of innovative activity; combating corruption in research and development; risks of intellectual property; customs protection of intellectual property in EAEC; frames for intellectual property market. "In order to be sellers rather than buyers, EAEC and CIS countries should be ready to be able to fight for its national interests and shape their intellectual property market segment of the Eurasian axis as innovative development condition for success."


Sergey Ivanov, deputy chairman of CIS Executive Committee, presented the report "On the implementation of the Interstate program of innovation cooperation of CIS member states for the period up to 2020.", Aleksey Kubrin, deputy State Secretary of Union State, presented on the topic; " Intellectual property protection at Union State".


Vasiliy Pushkin, deputy head of the Analytical Centre under the Government of the Russian Federation, spoke on problems of intellectual property economics formation and the ways solving for innovative development for innovative development of Russia. In his report he noted that Russia is far behind the world leaders in all types of RID.


Vitaliy Monkevich, president of Russian-Asian union of manufacturers and entrepreneur, presented with an article on "Development of business innovative cooperation between Russia and China".


Stanka Shopova, chairman of the Management Board of the National Fund "For stable development of Bulgaria" and Peev Kosta, representative of Russian cultural and information center of Rossotrudnichestvo in the Republic of Bulgaria, told about problems and perspectives of forming of the national intellectual property market at Bulgaria within European Union.


The reports of participants of Plenary meeting were discussed in the form of video-conference with participants of regional platforms of the forum from Sevastopol, Pyatigorsk, Krasnodar, Saratov, Krasnoyarsk.


During the meeting an agreement on innovative cooperation in the sphere of intellectual property between National center of legislation and law researches of the Republic Belarus represented by the director of the center Vadim Ipatov and Corporation of intellectual property RSRIIP represented by general director Vladimir Lopatin was signed.


Apart from the plenary meeting four specialized session meeting were also held. V. Lopatin became the moderator of the first session "Eurasian market of intellectual property". The second session was entitled "Accounting policies and commercialization of intellectual property on OPK enterprises" moderators: V. Gruzdov, chairman of the Committee on Economy and Finance of the Union of Russian aircraft manufacturers, board member of the Military-Industrial Commission on pricing and financial-credit policy with the implementation of the state defense order, and K. Ekimova, head of the ESC "Finance" of PRUE. Moderators of the session "Intellectual Property Management in credit institutions and insurance risks of intellectual property" were B. Pavlov, director of the Intellectual Property Corporation RSRIIP, honored economist of Russian Federation, and N. Valuev, deputy director of the department of the insurance market of Central Bank of the Russia. The fourth session was held under aegis "Personnel for the intellectual property market" the moderators were: M. Fedorov, president of the University League of the Collective Security Agreement organization, and L. Leontieva, deputy head of the basic department of intellectual property management RSRIIP at PRUE.


The results of the discussion of key topics of the forum at the session meetings were presented by their moderators in the final part of the Forum where participants agreed on the final document- recommendations of the Forum previously approved at a joint meeting of the Academic Councils of RSRIIP and PRUE.


On the results of the forum at the websites of RSRIIP, RAS and PRUE the collector of materials of the Forum will be published, and also specialized thematic issue of the journal "Intellectual Property Rights" will be prepared.


Another IX International Forum "Innovative development through intellectual property market" will take place on the 8th of April 2017 in Moscow. For more information on the results VIII and previous Forums and on the terms of participating in the new Forum is available on the website of the Forum directorate- RSRIIP.


The event was organized by Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Corporation of intellectual property RSRIIP, International Association of Intellectual Property Institutes (IAIPI).